The Lost Book of Remedies Review – Updated 2020

Many people want to take health in their own hands and find solutions on their own. So, they look for treatment online, which they can efficiently perform at their home. 

Using natural herbs at home as remedies is a procedure that is as old as humanity.

In ancient times, the physician used to treat the patient with herbs. Many different kinds of herbs have been used to treat the patient and his ailments throughout the centuries. 

People, have this question popping up in their minds, whether they still can do the treatment at home with herbal remedies? 

Whether it is possible to cure themselves without taking lots of artificial medicine and going to the doctor?

The answer is, “Yes.” You can treat yourself with natural remedies. Up to a certain point, as you will always have to consult a doctor to an extent. And the first choice, of course, will be a doctor that knows about natural remedies.

Natural remedies have a lot of power, so it is wise to know what exactly you are doing. Since ancient times, these remedies have cured people, so why would they not now?

The Lost Book of Remedies has all the ancient resources in it. People in the past used these ancient remedies, and they still can be helpful as first aid, for prevention or even to cure chronic diseases.

Overview Of The Lost Book of Remedies

Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis wrote all 318 pages of The Lost Book of Remedies

In the book, you find all the descriptions, the benefits, and uses of the different herbs everything carefully explained and documented.

The Lost Book of Remedies is not restricted to herbs but also explains the use of shrubs, how to use them and their specific benefits for health. Shrubs contain different kinds of enzymes that kill germs and bacteria. For example, some bushes have hydrogen peroxide in them and using them on a wound will have a disinfecting result. In this book, you will learn how to identify the shrub., determine the enzyme that it has and how you can use it.

The Lost Book of Remedies will guide you through all the medicinal treatment of plants, herbs, shrubs-

The Lost Book of Remedies has lots of illustrations and photos to help the user to recognize the plants and to understand their concept easily.

How does it work?

The Lost Book of Remedies has no rocket science. As you know, most of your treatment pills are made initially from shrubs. These modern formulas are based on the ancient knowledge of plants. This ancient knowledge nowadays is backed up with scientific research and proof. 

What can you find in The Lost Book of Remedies?

  • It tells about the benefits of using natural herbs. Like, what is the use of berries? How can you use them as a remedy?  
  • It also shows you how you can easily be growing some medicinal plants around you. You do not need to have a big garden to have your own small natural medicine cabinet.
  • How do you prepare or extract the medicinal ingredients from the plant so you can safely consume it?

The illustrations will guide you to make your own, safe medicine and even slowly replace your chemical drugs.

What Will You Get In This Book?

  • The Lost Book of Remedies is full of ancient, traditional knowledge and modern science. Every plant has a good explanation in this book of how it works. If you have a sore throat or you want to whiten your teeth? You will find the answer to these questions in The Lost Book of Remedies
  • You will also get the complete procedure for the remedy. It is essential to know how to use the medication safely and what is the proper use of it. The use of a remedy in an appropriate way is vital to get the best result possible.

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Is it Harmful?

The lost book of remedies is not harmful to your body. We use herbs in our daily life. Herbs are used everywhere. Even in the medicine we take, there are a lot of herbs. So, there is no problem with using that so.

Also, there is no remedy in this book, which encourages the use of dangerous plants.

 There are no prescriptions for pills in The Lost Book of Remedies: either you have to use a herb or a shrub. Also, some medications include the use of vegetables and fruits. So, using it in your daily life will help you fight the diseases.

 These herbs and shrubs control the enzyme level of the body. Enzymes are responsible for enhancing the fighting process against the germs and boosting your proper immune system.

Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, it worth buying because it gives you a lot of value on natural medicine, a safe way to cure ailments and diseases.

So, why not try this at home. No remedy is harmful to your body. The use of the treatments can slowly replace the use of pills. If you use the herbs from which originally all medicine is made, it will give you some relief. As for the cost of The Lost Book of Remedies, you would not want to miss all this valuable information.

The Lost Book of Remedies will also guide you to treat the cause of a disease and not cover up the symptoms. So the small investment in this book can save you a lot of money on prescription drugs that only cover up symptoms. 


So, in the end, I think that The Lost Book of Remedies is one of the best health books giving you top information about the plant, the benefits, the preparation of the remedies and how to use them. 

Sometimes, the remedy might not have the desired effect. Then bear in mind that maybe you are treating a symptom and not the cause of your ailment. Do check it out with your naturopathy doctor. 

Overall, The Lost Book of Remedies is a quality book and worth every penny. 

If you want to take care of your health with natural remedies, I certainly recommend you to buy it now and not hesitate one single minute. You will be happy you have clicked the button below.


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